accounting1-300x180Organizing information just how you want it. Accounting Services provided by our Admin team deliver uninterruptable, introspective, real time snap shots of all vessel expenditures and running costs. Working closely with captains and departmental chiefs we collect receipts and expenditures integrating them into our dedicated cloud based accounting system. From here a clear financial landscape is reveled. Accounting services can be all encompassing or as needed.

  • Pro-forma Reporting and Review- Assisting Captains and Department chiefs with formation of monthly expenditure reports including full integration of receipts into FYM’s dedicated Accounting System
  • Monthly Monitoring of credit card statements-Can remove or reduce unauthorized expenses applied to company cards
  • Monthly and quarterly statements-Deliver complete expenditure analysis
  • Annual financial reports-Give certain overview of historical performance
  • Cost Savings Reports-Effective outline report addressing ways to reduce cost with out threatening performance or service
  • Monthly Payroll- Processing for Crew memebers