Emergency Response

Emergency-response-300x222Standing the Watch. Freedom Yacht Management offers immediate emergency response services, available 24/7 to support crew with any type of critical situation. Aligned with the vessel’s ISM Code and our onboard Safety Management System (SMS) immediate response situations include

  • Medical Emergency
  • Security Invasion
  • Search and Rescue
  • Search and Recovery
  • Salvage
  • Insurance Coverage

New! Environmental Protection Standards- Mandated by the IMO (International Maritime Organization)

Fuel Transfers

All vessels over 150 gross tons are required to establish an oil spill prevention plan known as the Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP). This assures that captains and engineers on every yacht are ready to immediately address any fuel spill incidents that might occur during refueling, transfer or breach. Vessels must have onboard the required identification and documentation appeasing this order as well as:

  • Complete Vessel schematics with capacities of storage tanks, fuel lines, vents, and other structural fuel system details.
  • Procedures and equipment to contain the discharge of oil into the sea
  • The location of the SOPEP locker with an inventory of cleanup contents
  • The duty of each crew member in case of a spill
  • Reporting procedures to authorities like port state control and clean up teams

Trash Disposal

Food, beverages, cleaning solutions, fuel, paper goods are brought onboard a super yacht in impressive quantity and it’s the job of the crew to manage the discards properly so that all the consumed supplies are processed efficiently.

  • Vessels of 12M (40’) or more in length are required to display placards notifying passengers and crew of the garbage disposal requirements
  • Vessels of 400+ gross tons (certified to carry 15+ persons) must carry a Garbage Management Plan, with written procedures for collecting, storing, processing and disposing of garbage.

FYM’s compliance experts are standing by to guide vessels through the creation and ongoing upkeep of these documents and procedures.

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