ISPS-Security Management

Required for vessels over 500 gross tons and highly recommended for all crewed vessels the ISPS Code mandates that each ship have a security plan containing measures that can be implemented for various security levels set by governments.

Our risk adverse approach and commitment to the ISPS code is in-line with our ISM maintaining procedures, pragmatic aims to achieve compliance with minimal expense and disruption to the vessels cruising program.

Threat Levels- We carefully analyze route planning to identify all levels of security threats likely to be encountered by the ship. Through forensic security assessments and other relevant information we ensure the ship’s security plan is active and constantly improving and satisfying the security requirements of the individual ship.

Audits- A requirement of the ISPS Code is that the company carries out audits on managed yachts. This is done on an annual basis and normally takes a full day, in conjunction with the ISM audit. During these audits we take advantage to review all security activities, ensuring that deficiencies and non-conformities are identified and shortcomings are promptly addressed and dealt with.

Security- In order to enhance security awareness we make sure that adequate training is provided for the personnel responsible for the security of the ship. We also advise on effective communication and co-operation between the ship security officer and the relevant port facility security officers, and ensure consistency between security requirements and safety requirements.

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