Tips for Maximizing your Yacht’s Coating

These simple p.m products and recommendations will help shield your

vessel’s beautiful cosmetics from the elements.

So after your new paint job or

waxing pay special attention to your…


• Water Filtration- If using water from the dock make sure it goes

through a proper Wet Spot water filter to remove hard minerals,

using onboard water is probably the most ideal as it usually

goes through a few staging filters to provide the softest cleanest

water just make sure plenty of water is in the holding tank.

• Routine Wash Soap- We recommend Mcquires gold automotive

soap or Awl Wash as an ideal wash down soap because of it’s

near neutral PH any soft automotive gel-soap will work, just

make sure to use proper concentrate to water ratio. This can be

achieved easily by adding the water to your bucket 1st then the

cap of soap concentrate.

• Wash Mits- We recommend Shurhold’s Soft Wool Pad also for

outboard areas there is a version that wraps around a backing

plate and onto the Shurhold Pole, great for cleaning

overheads as well.

• Wash Brushes- We recommend soft, blue (colored) Shurhold

brushes these are perfect for painted boats and gelcoat boats

with a fresh coat of wax.

• Maintenance wash soap- We highly recommend buying a few

bottles of Permanon wash down gel soap-USE 1 time per

month-this will clean and add a silicine polymer to the existing

wax to help bolster and maintain it.

• Maintenance Spray- Permanon super shine spray- I recommend

applying this every 6 weeks to all surface, use it on everything,

windows, stainless, table tops, glass it’s in a super concentrated

form but makes 30 liters to last you forever. Use distilled water

to mix, follow recommended ratio and only do 3×3 feet areas at

a time as this product locks up hard in direct sunlight.



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