Flagging Cayman

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Yacht owners have a broad selection of flags to choose from these days when it comes to a yacht’s flagship and registration. Many things must be taken into consideration before choosing a flag that represents the very best interest of the vessel, owner and crew. While many flag states offer similar security and representation a few do rise above the rest when it comes to protection and service. One is Cayman, a stable, bed rock British colony located in the western Caribbean ran by British common law. Owners must 1st qualify and a liable company structure must be set up on the island by a residential entity. This process can be done fairly easy with the proper direction and many times from a remote location.
Cayman offers five vessel registration options: Full; Interim; Provisional; Under Construction and Demise (bare boat) charter. When considering flagging your yacht Cayman a guide line follows to find the very best registration for you.
▪ Vessel name availability
▪ Vessel Qualification (Merchant Ships, commercial Yachts, Private Yachts)
▪ Evidence of Qualifying Owner and proof of legal title
▪ Vessel dimension and other details
▪ Complete relevant forms
Depending on vessel size and class certain statutory requirements may apply to bring a vessel into compliance. Think of compliance as a check list to ensure the safest and most professional cruising plan. These requirements are set out by but not limited to SOLAS, MARPOL and 73/78 covering things from oil pollution prevention to safe manning documents that ensure your crew is trained and properly licensed. Cayman’s matrix of international conventions and mandatory compliance measures is what essentially qualifies it’s fleet and crests it’s high standard, one of the most formidable in the industry.
Should you be searching for flag state options and representation, we’re standing by to help you. Tell us more about your vessel.

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