Yacht Detailing Goes Green

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Does your head spins every time you go to West Marine or National Marine in search of cleaning products? Let’s face it there are some good marine products out there. As competition grows it’s important to take a deeper look into these products to evaluate their true molecular make up. Expert yacht detailing and paint restoration crews are moving away from petroleum based products because of the acidic fall out that occurs as they break down.
It’s interesting to see yacht detailers and crew take a closer look at what is actually in the solution they are applying to their yacht. The traditional use of petroleum in compounds provides for great action and shine but is that the true condition of the paint or surface? An important question to ask is what percentage of the product breaks down. When it comes to paint and gel-coat polishing, compounds and waxes with natural fatty suspension carriers are water based and break down in nature as oppose to petroleum based which have an acidic break down which fouls the surface over time and literally cuts short your cosmetic’s shelf life.
Green cleaning products are not only better for the environment and manatee but the cosmetic surfaces themselves. We’ve asked 3 of Ft lauderdale’s top notch yacht detailing groups to list their top 10 green products that are effectively making a difference in their yacht maintenance program and the environment. With no further adu here they are.
▪ Teak Brightening- Lemon Juice mixed 50/50 with water
▪ Polishes–I shine nano emulsion chyrstals for paint and gel-coat
▪ Stainless steel-Baking soda and water
▪ Teak deep clean-Simple green cleaner
▪ Window maintenance- -Clear Glazing mineral polish and sealer
▪ Wash down soap-Captain John’s boat brite gel-soap
▪ Removing overspray from paint-Meguiares clay bar
▪ Maintaining Spray-Phenomenon
▪ Hard Salt water spots-White Vinegar and water mixed 50/50
▪ Rust remove-50/50 mix of baking soda and white vinegar
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